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Ukrainian Post opened its branch in Prague
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Customer registration open
Customer registration open - to date, the registration of old-new customers has been opened. read in full
Trial operation 8bead.com started
   The trial operation of the new e-shop has started without the possibility of shopping for the time being, but customer registrations are allowed. read in full
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Fire Polished Faceted Glass Beads Round 4mm - Pastel & Neon

  ESTRELA PASTEL - the new technology of surface refinement of the glass pressed pieces is linked with TCT (Termo Colour Technology) and from the year 2010 is marked as ENT (Estrella Nano Technology). Ultrathin lacquer layers are under the action of the thermal radiation fixed to the glass surface of the beads. The chemical bond between the glass and the lacquer decorative arrangement is setting in. The highly efficient organic coatings have very good chemical and mechanical resistence.

  ESTRELA NEON - new Estrela Neon intensive and UV-reactive neon colours. Thanks to the resistance of ENT technology the neon colours are, for the first time, applied on glass bases.

  Advantages: excellent adhesion to the glass, very good resistance against abrasion and scratching and UV (ultraviolet radiation), high chemical resistance (against water, vapour alcohol, cosmetics), stability in alkaline and acidic environment, absence of heavy metals (Cd,Pb,CrVI,Hg), long life time.

  Неоновые бусины - нынешний модный тренд. Они не только восхищают интенсивной окраской при дневном освещении, – неоновые бусины ярко сияют и в лучах черного УФ-света. Высокой стабильности цветовых оттенков и устойчивости поверхности мы добились благодаря использованию технологии ENT (Estrela Nano-Technology). Уникальные стеклянные бусины (под марками Estrela NEON и esNEON), на которые нанесены красочные покрытия интенсивного неонового цвета, ярко светятся в черном УФ-свете, используемом обычно на дискотеках и вечеринках. 

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